Boudoir & Lingerie

Feel good photography, for you.


One of my passions with photography is trying to make people feel good with their photos. Every shoot is unique and different, from studio style to themed shoots, intimate to natural, or anything in between!

Doing the first shoot at the beginning of 2021 was an eye opener for just how much of an impact a photo shoot like this can have, what started out as a tester I soon realised how empowering something like this can be.

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Portfolio expansion

Looking forward, I want to expand my portfolio & experience in this style of photography, for a limited time I’m going to be offering some free shoots to facilitate this. Why should you do it? Boost your confidence, try something new or what you’ve always thought of doing, celebrate your natural beauty, and more! You’ll get full quality & hi-res copies of all photos taken as well as a discount on any future shoots as a thank you.

What’s involved in the shoot? Whatever you want! While the aim of the shoot is to expand my portfolio, the ultimate goal is to make you feel good and empowered, all at your own pace and making you feel as comfortable as possible. We’ll discuss the kind of pictures you’d be interested in and willing to pose for, what kind of set & backdrops to use, what to wear, drinks & snacks preference for the shoot, as well as anything else to help you feel comfortable in the studio when the time comes.


Interested? Great!

Want to book in for a shoot? Simply send me a message over on instagram (@decjmurray) and we’ll kick off the discussions. Not on insta? Don’t worry, just use the contact page and send a message through there!